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Portfolio: Baltimore Residence

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This project is a conversion of two historic structures, one built in 1880, the other between 1903-1913 in Canton’s historic O’Donnell Square. This residence is part row house, part urban loft. The main living level is a two-story space on the 2nd floor. The low roof has a cabana room with sauna overlooking the living space. The high roof has an elaborate roof deck with 360-degree views. The design preserves much of the character of the original buildings, while taking advantage of the potential for upscale urban living. Existing wood rafters carried by wrought iron hangers, thick masonry walls and lintels remain exposed. 125 year old pine wood roof strips were salvaged, re-milled, and finished on site to be used as flooring, stair treads, and furniture. The warehouse aesthetic is also conveyed by use of concrete counters, exposed steel structure, and steel stairs.