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Portfolio: Cincinnati Renaissance

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Abandoned for many years, the Union Trust Building of Cincinnati Ohio lay empty and waiting for the right moment to return to it’s original glory.  Built in 1901 by the famous Architect D.H. Burnham, this was to be Burnham’s first project in Cincinnati, the first skyscraper in the City, and Cincinnati’s first completed building of the 20th century.  A modern marvel of it’s day.  The building is adorned inside and out with beautiful materials and details in the Art Deco style.  Beautiful cast bronze decorative grilles and gates and elevator doors are only a few of the magnificent existing details.  As the building was originally a bank, on the second floor remained a beautiful multi-story coffered, vaulted, ornate bank hall with open mezzanine that was to become the Grand Ballroom.  This was the perfect setting for a unique, boutique hotel to be created.  The hotels design would maintain and respect the existing features of the building and also play off its rich history and style, with a touch of modern flair.  Filled with playful details, unique furnishings, and rich finishes, the design sought to celebrate Cincinnati, the Building, and Burnham.