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Portfolio: Skybar

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A conceptual project to design a cool roof top bar.  The design uses a real building located on Mission Street in San Francisco.  San Francisco is a place of dramatic views, of changing moods, intense lighting, and iconic structures like the Golden Gate Bridge.  The vision of a floating platform above the city, visible for miles, was the inspiration for this rooftop bar we call “Skybar”. The “Skybar” structure is an interpretation of the Golden Gate Bridge structure.  The structure sits on piloti and projects out past the building below, to accentuate the feeling of floating above the city.  This structure is lined with linear LED lighting and would be visible day or night for miles.  The raised structure provides a dramatic, flexible space below that we call “The Picnic-Zone”. The living wall with peace symbol on the elevator tower is an homage to the many parks of San Francisco, and the 60’s Hippie-Peace movement alive and well in Haight-Ashbury. The structure in this design is exposed and expressed.  The finishes and materials are rugged and industrial.  At the very tip of the “Skybar” is the toe tingling drink rail space. The floor is glass, the walls are glass, the counter is suspended glass, and the chairs are clear acrylic. Designed for drama and excitement, and not for the faint of heart.